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About Us

Sustainera Solutions, operating in Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Central Asia, is at the forefront of driving sustainable transformation across a wide array of sectors. Our expertise goes beyond sustainable development; we offer a rich tapestry of services including Sustainability and Climate Consultancy, Environmental Services, Safety and Risk Engineering, Research and Evaluation, Strategy and Transformation. We serve a diverse clientele ranging from international organizations, financial institutions, UN agencies, to government entities and the private sector, specializing in converting the multifaceted challenges they face into sustainable, impactful solutions. 

Our portfolio encompasses a wide range of projects, from company-level initiatives to policy development. We have successfully implemented projects that enhance sustainability practices, mitigate climate impact, ensure safety, and risk resilience, drive strategic transformation, and foster geographic and environmental intelligence.

We've undertaken significant endeavors such as developing a comprehensive Low Emission Development Strategy, commissioned by the EU, and coordinated by UNDP, aimed at achieving net zero emissions. Additionally, we've provided Environment, Health & Safety Compliance support mechanisms in Central Asia to enhance local compliance with safety regulations. Our involvement in comprehensive environmental impact assessments in Georgia has guided responsible development practices in the region. These projects exemplify our commitment to transforming challenges into sustainable opportunities through strategic research, consultancy, and tailored interventions.

Sustainera Solutions has garnered trust from renowned entities across various industries, including insurance, education, healthcare, ICT and digitalization, energy, food and beverages, construction, agriculture, retail, manufacturing, finance, and transportation. Through our engagement with the GRI Community, we demonstrate our commitment to aligning our sustainability reporting with global best practices, emphasizing our dedication to sustainable progress.

As a proud member of esteemed networks such as Inogen Alliance, the United Nations Global Compact, AmCham Azerbaijan, the German-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce, GRI, UN Women’s Empowerment Principles, and the Azerbaijan-France Chamber of Commerce, we are deeply committed to advancing sustainability.

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Our Vision

The vision of our company is to be a key player in the global effort in the creation of a more sustainable future for all. We recognize that sustainable development is a complex challenge that requires collaboration and coordination with various parties. We are dedicated to leveraging our expertise, resources, and partnerships to develop innovative solutions that promote sustainability and contribute to the creation of a better world for future generations. As a result, we are committed to forming strong alliances and engaging with stakeholders at all levels in order to impact change and contribute in a meaningful manner.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide industries with the tools and expertise they need in order to achieve sustainable results that benefit both their stakeholders and the environment. Our agile approach ensures that we can quickly adapt to changing market conditions and provide tailored solutions to each client's specific needs.

Our Clients

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Our Values



We approach the process with integrity and professionalism, treating each of our clients equally with transparent and inclusive services, and respect for privacy. We empower ourselves and others to serve ethically, acting in the clients best interest at all times.



We prioritize the success of our clients, acting in a responsible and dedicated manner. In our strategic approach, we provide clients with every detail and milestone to create a trustworthy environment and prove our dedication to your success.



In our approach, methodology, strategy, intervention or any kind of tailored solution, we focus on the creation of long-lasting results. We want you to obtain results that will serve you in the long term or even become a tool that you can further apply when working independently.



We strive to make detailed plannings ahead but are also ready to quickly adapt and react to internal and external factors. Our power is defined through readiness to quickly react to the rapidly changing and ambiguous environment.



We hold ourselves to high standards in order to deliver the best and most long-lasting results.

Our Team
Murad Huseynov
Sustainability and Climate Consultant

Murad Huseynov, a Sustainability and Climate Change Services Project Consultant at Sustainera Solutions, holds a Bachelor's in Business Administration from ADA University and a Master of Arts degree in International Business and Sustainability from the University of Hamburg. His comprehensive understanding of technology, finance and sustainability management positions him to drive innovation in sustainability and climate change projects. With a solid academic background and diverse international experience, Murad aims to bring a holistic and strategic perspective to global sustainability challenges.

Narmina Aliyeva
Business Development

Narmina Aliyeva is a Business Development Officer at Sustainera Solutions. With a bachelor's degree from a highly ranked Swiss hospitality school and an MBA from the Swiss Sustainability Management School, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. Narmina has international experience across various sectors, including travel, hospitality, aviation, and sales industries. Her strong communication skills are a key asset in managing client accounts effectively.

Irada Ahmedova
Administration and Procurement Manager

Irada Ahmedova has many years of experience in administration and management. She has a higher education in linguistics and she is fluent in several languages. Irada previously worked in the fields many in companies with international experience such as GIZ GmbH Azerbaijan, German Sparkassenatiftung Azerbaijan. Irada is also an independent project consultant. Currently, she supports the company's overall process, procurement processes and finance.

Ilkin Hajiyev
Executive Director

Ilkin Hajiyev is Founder and Executive Director of Sustainera Solutions. Ilkin Hajiyev is a professional specialized in sustainable development and project management. Ilkin worked with various UN Agencies, inter alia United Nations Industrial Development Organization’s Office in New York as Sustainable Development Expert, UN Development Programme, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Azerbaijan International Development Agency. His areas of expertise are project management in international development context, financing for development, South-South and Triangular cooperation, partnership building, resource mobilization and science and technology for sustainable development.