Last week, Sustainera Solutions participated in the Inogen Alliance Associates Bi-Annual Meeting, held in Athens, Greece. This three-day event gathered together 51 associate companies dedicated to advancing global environmental, health, safety, and sustainability standards.

Overview of the Event

The meeting kicked off on Wednesday with a diverse schedule that included a Client Day, various working group sessions, and opportunities for networking.

Sustainera Solutions' Director, Ilkin Hajiyev, along with associates from ANTEA Brasil, Integral Egypt, and Tonkin and Taylor, presented on the Inogen Alliance COP29 Participation event in Azerbaijan. The presentation showcased potential opportunities for Alliance members to engage in the upcoming event.
Their insightful presentation outlined ways in which Alliance members can actively participate and contribute to COP29, highlighting the significance of collaboration and shared expertise in addressing global sustainability challenges.

On the second day of the event, at the Panel Discussion on "Bringing Tradition and Innovation Together in Water Services," Narmina Aliyeva, Sustainera Solution's Business Development Officer, delivered a speech on addressing the challenges of bridging the gap between traditional knowledge holders and modern water service providers. The discussion also featured valuable contributions from associates representing Antea Brasil and HPC Germany, providing diverse perspectives on this important issue. Their insights underscored the importance of global collaboration and shared learning in addressing the complex challenges facing water services today.

Another highlight of the event was the Global Marketing Team's discussion which emphasized innovative strategies to enhance our visibility and influence in the sustainability sector.

Conclusion and Forward Look

As we reflect on sessions and discussions at the Inogen Alliance Associates Bi-Annual Meeting, Sustainera Solutions renews its commitment to being at the forefront of the sustainability field. The insights gained are invaluable in our pursuit to not only meet but exceed, the evolving expectations in environmental, health, and safety standards. The meeting not only reinforced our current practices but also inspired innovative approaches to address the sustainability challenges of tomorrow.